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Feasibility Studies

Energy efficient plant upgrade options can often be neglected due to high capital costs, despite significantly lower ongoing costs. Feasibility studies allow total life cycle costs of various options to be calculated and reviewed to provide the lowest overall cost of ownership to the client. Projects reviewed include chiller upgrades, boiler replacements, centralised vs decentralised heating plant, LED vs T8 lighting and more. Enercon can ascertain the right solution through applying energy modelling, first principle engineering calculations, supplier know-how and practical experience.

Hour by Hour Energy Simulations

Enercon offers design assistance for new and renovated facilities. A detailed hour by hour energy computer simulation is used to reduce the overall life cycle cost by balancing the optimum mechanical and electrical systems with envelope and environmental parameters. Temperatures can also be modelled to highlight comfort levels with different conditioning and architectural options.

Monitoring and Targeting

Energy Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) is an energy efficiency method based on the principle “you cannot manage what you cannot measure." M&T techniques provide Energy Managers with feedback on operating practices, results of energy management projects, and guidance on the level of energy use that is expected in a certain period. M&T systems also highlight any issues with plant/equipment when they occur to reduce energy cost increases associated with plant or control failures.


NABERSNZ is an energy measurement and rating scheme that will raise the bar for energy performance in New Zealand office buildings and was officially launched on 10 June 2013. Enercon employs a NABERSNZ Trainee Assessor who can provide a rating to gauge the energy efficiency of your office building. A NABERSNZ rating will help reduce energy costs for tenants and enhance building value for owners.


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